Monday, 15 February 2016

Self Defense through Meditation

Amazing Martial Art - Mind Power knocks down Physical Power

Are Mantras just a blind belief or is it Powerful? Can you protect yourself from a person attacking you just by a fierce look? or by by blowing your breath or by pointing your finger at him?

Recently I happened to visit a Karate Master in Melbourne to enroll my son for Karate classes. On knowing that we are from India, he was very happy and said he like India. I thought it was part of his sales talks. He asked me whether I knew that Karate originated in India. Though have heard about it, had not done any research on the topic. After knowing about this unbelievable self defense, I am convinced that India is mother to many 'unbelievable s'. 

Watch the video below and come to a conclusion yourself.
 Choondu Marma Nooku Marmam Video

After watching the above video atleast some of you may be thinking that it's a well directed drama 
by the Guru (Master) and Shishyas (students)! but I am sure you will a second thought after reading this and watching the proof videos given at the end.

What the video is about?

The video shows Dr. Prakashan Gurukkal (GURU) with his unbelievable mental power attained through meditation & mantras putting down the opponent just by a fierce look, by pointing his finger, by blowing breath.


Gurukkal is a pioneer in martial arts originally from Kannur a northern district of Kerala State in India (now settled in Kollam). His father was a freedom fighter later became an atheist- Marxist. Mother was a pure devotee of Krishna, He followed his father and was against anything religious until the following incident. One day he threw down an idol of Krishna that was in the house which broke into pieces. He expected a sharp reaction from his mother who just said "walk carefully, take care of your foot from the sharp pieces". On hearing this he experienced  a strange feeling of transformation happening within. He said to his mother "I am going to Guruvayoor temple tomorrow". Next day he visited Guruvaroor temple and when he returned bought one similar idol that he broke and holy books Bhagavatgita and Ramayan which he had destroyed earlier. Seeing the idol his mother embraced him and cried. She was a martial art specialist. Then onwards he accepted mother as Guru and started learning Martial Art (Kalarippayattu) from her.  She also taught him some Vedic Mantras written by Veda Vyas. He didn't know the use of these mantras but recited daily, Later he found out these were Mantras written to develop Choondu Marma (self defense technique using index finger).

He holds M.D & Phd in alternate medicine and mastered  the following :

1)Kalarippayattu (a form of Martial Art)                

2) Marma Chikilsa (Medicine less Treatment)

3) Spiritual Martial Art  (Choondu Marmam , Nokku Marmam, Oothu Marmam, Sthambanam)

Gurukkal's index finger knocks down TV9 rep who attacked from behind (see proof B video)

Oothu Marmam - Blow your breath to make the offender cripple

Nooku Marmam - Prakasan gurukkal makes challengers bite the dust

4) Stambanam - Dr. Pissarevskiy tied up in Statue mode

Real or fake ? Can it be done anywhere? Can you apply this to Bruce Lee? Can others learn this?

The answers to all the above questions are positive.

Before looking at the proof videos let us discuss some general comments against this.

a)  Its fake .

Ans: If somebody says fake without even doing any research, there is no need for a discussion unless he explains why it is fake.

b) It breaks the physics laws.
Ans:Has to explain which of the physics laws are broken. There are more unknown laws than that are known by the scientists. If you cant find any laws to explain this then that means science doesnt know anything on this topic.

c) You can't over power a person without using phyical force or weapons.
Ans:This is a mind game, ultimately if you need to do something you need instruction from your mind. What if another person has the power control those instructions? smilar to hypnotism.

d) He should be sent to war front.
Ans:This comment is not against his power, they acknowledge such a power exist.

e) This is built-up, he is acting with his students.
Ans:Several TV channel representatives, Doctors, Karate Champions etc had a taste of his power,

f) Then why is it not very popular.
I think there were many persons in south India who knew this and there could other people around the world having similar powers. I heard somebody could bend a steel spoon with similar power. Most of the people doesnt like it as it was completely aginst what they have learned from childhood. They fear supporting this would make them termed as blind believers and if you put forward your objection then its scientific.

'Kalari' the place where you practice martial arts where closed by the Britishers during their regime. India lost most of their tresure of books first thru Muslim invasion where they burnt libraries and what they couldnt destroy were taken by the Bristishers, some of them are still lying in bristish museam (around 20,000 boxes of books).

g) Let him fight with Mike Tyson.
Ans:See answer e and below videos

Proof A: Dr. Ramesh representing Vijay TV experiencing the invisible power (watch 9:26 )

Proof B: Dr. Peny Kangas, from Miami belongs to Bulgarian royal Family, a billionaire flew down to know the truth. Being a disciple of Mahesh Yogi, practises meditation and was easy for her to learn the technique and applies in real life. (watch 15:45). TV9 guys attacks from behind without informing him. ( watch 20:05, 21:00)

Proof C: My son says "what if the TV guys are paid"? so let us leave them alone and watch
Dr. Pissarevskiy, M.D in Phycology, M.Din Neurology,  Master in Tai Chi and  Qi Gong and many other qualifications.

Prrof D: International Kung fu and Taichi (Chinese martial art) expert Prof John Cassie flew down from England to take a closer look at Prakasan's index finger, Black Belt Vijayan fare any better, nor did Kalarippayattu champion Joseph.

The Secret:

According to Gurukkal make your mind a super mind and control all other inferior mind. This is achieved through three fold activity Manthra-Thanthra-Yanthra. Regular meditation and chanting of Vedic Manthras gives you this spiritual power. Some of the Vedic scriptures he refers to are: 

Digbandhana  by sage  Veda Vyasa
Udalkettu Shastram by Sage Agastya
May Theenda Kalam  by Sage Agastya
Shivayoga - Panchakshari Mantra
Chirayogam - Thaliyola 

Once you attain the knowledge of Aathma Raksha Thanthra (self defence technique), its your sub-conscious mind giving instruction to the sub-conscious mind of the opponent.

Apart from the above Prakasan gurukkal is a well known Doctor who has healed many illness and diseases where other medicines have failed. He does it through Massage Therapy, Inexpensive Ayurvedic medicines, Marma Chikilsa etc.

Pranams (a big salute) to Chekavar  Praksahan Gurukkal

- Aroop Vachali